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Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.


Sono bellissime

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Silent Hill 3 Environments 

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Just wanted to draw a Braxien~

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I’ve been playing Awesomenauts under the alias of “Ted McPISSEDOFF” Whilst playing as Ted McPain lately. I figured I’d draw an avatar for the occasion.

It’s a bit more standard than what I typically draw since I did it in like 30 minutes, but hey, it’s something.

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#136 Flareon

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by のあ@ついった
permission to upload this image was given by the artist

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Work by こな (twitter)

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Work by こな (twitter)

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Another try, another test, this time with different particle settings. I think the result is so so. Feeling sleepy already to tweak it further :P

These AI hatch with a latent power that have a timed lifespan, so they don’t need to feed in this stage. The temporizer is the fuse, which burns slowly or quickly depending of its mood. Is up to this creature (or its master) to harness that power to make it evolve further, otherwise when its internal clock reaches zero (or the fuse is consumed) the AI dies and its data scatters and feeds nearby eggs, prompting their hatching. The fuse can’t be doused so it’s up to its master or to itself to control themselves until the time is right for evolution, thus saving it from a premature death. They are gone with a soundly BOOM. They are based on the cherry bombs and uses its fuse to create intense sparks to startle its enemies.

I lost the count! Ah, 25 to go ^^

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Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t hate any character from Digimon. I just can’t…I love all of them, they’re all so cool. If I hated any character I couldn’t even watch the show.

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It’s finally completed

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Submitted to the my TF2 merc series Primary Sins to the  Steam Workshop! If you’d like to be able to purchase these as posters please upvote!!

Features :


-3 colors to choose from

-Cool looking

If you DON’T want to buy these then send me suggestions for merch to my askbox!!

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was about to make a post about how disappointed i am that the nicki minaj wikia isnt called “wiki minaj” but


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lol Ahri by long5009

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